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Chinese Government Scholarship Process 2023

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Chinese Government Scholarship Process | Step by Step Process

Chinese Government Scholarship Process: Start your learning adventure with the most popular and sought-after CSC Scholarships 2022-2023. This article describes what the CSC Scholarship is, its benefits and the step-by-step application process.

The CSC scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students 2023-2024. The scholarship is available for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies at more than 280 universities in China. The Chinese government scholarship includes 2,023 housing, basic health insurance, and a monthly stipend of up to 3,500 yuan.

The purpose of the scholarship is to promote exchange, cooperation and mutual understanding in the fields of education, culture, business, education and politics between other countries and China. International students from all over the world can apply.

Chinese government scholarships require an online application on the CSC portal. The candidate must then apply to the chosen university and send the required documents to the university along with the CSC scholarship application.

Eligibility requirements for CSC Scholarships:

The following are the minimum requirements for Chinese Government Scholarships:

  • International student (non-Chinese)
  • You cannot be awarded any other scholarship by the Chinese government or any of its branches.

Minimum age required:

  1. Undergraduate students cannot be older than 25,
  2. The age limit for master’s studies is 35 years
  3. PhD degree, age limit is 40 years

Minimum qualification:

  • High school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate students,
  • master
  • Doctoral Master.

Benefits of CSC 2023 scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship offers the following benefits to the recipient:

  • Type-A: The CSC scholarship covers tuition, accommodation (in a shared room in a university residence), basic medical insurance and a monthly allowance for personal expenses (2,500-3,500 yuan per month, approximately 350- 500 USD respectively). ).
  • Type-B: The CSC scholarship covers the same type as the Type A scholarship, except for a monthly allowance for personal expenses.
  • Type-C: The CSC scholarship is another type of partial scholarship with limited benefits.

The CSC Type A scholarship is more attractive, so it is more competitive due to high demand. If you can afford the living expenses, you should apply for CSC scholarship type B or C, as it is easier to get.

How to apply for CSC Scholarships?

The following simple and easy process will help you apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

  1. Application Period: The application period for the CSC certification generally runs from January to April each year. Some accredited institutions or universities have different deadlines. You should check the deadlines in your chosen colleges.
  2. The CSC Scholarship application must first be completed online (in English or Chinese). You can apply to three universities through this CSC web account.
  3. At the beginning of the online application, you will be asked to select the type of scholarship according to the income (A, B or C) and the number of the accredited institution or university (the code is available online or obtained at.. . university, from your choice).
  4. After filling all the online information for the Chinese Government Scholarship, you need to upload the required documents in PDF format (the list is shown below).
  5. After submitting your Chinese Government Scholarship application online, please download this application form.
  6. Choose your China university and course here.
  7. Check whether or not your chosen Chinese university requires an online application in addition to the Chinese government scholarship application.
  8. If this university requires an online application, please submit this application on this university’s website along with your Chinese government scholarship application.
  9. Make 2 notes (listed below) and send them to university address.
  10. Results will be published in mid-July on the same application page. The organizers will start the distribution from now on by printing the documents required for processing the study visa in the country of the applicant.

Documents Requirements for CSC Scholarships:

Completed application form: You can find it after registration on the official Chinese government scholarship website.

(1) The notary confirms the supervisor’s certificate with a written document.

(2) Official health card or foreigner’s health inspection card. Attach a copy of this form completed by the doctor. Make sure the form is sign by a doctor and has the official stamp of the hospital or clinic where you are doing it. At least one stamp must be stamp above the image previously attached to the card. Applications older than 6 months from the application date will not be accept.

(3) CV in English or Chinese: You can either attach a document containing information about your specialty and educational interests or fill it directly in the appropriate section of the application (the space is very short, I recommend that you attach this information to the supporting document).

(4) Also, Two letters of recommendation in English or Chinese from other professors at your university.

(5) TOEFL or IELTS diploma if you study English and are not from an English-speaking country: Each university determines the minimum score for both qualifications for each subject type. If you do not have an IELTS certificate, you can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in English. It is called an English language diploma.

(6) Research plan / Research proposal.
(7) Copy of passport.

(8) Although applying for this certificate is NOT a necessary requirement, you should add it if you have an HSK (Chinese Level) certificate. The Chinese government plans to fund up to two years of Chinese university courses to help you reach the level of Chinese required for your chosen program. However, if you already have a degree, the education is lower, so it increases your chances of getting a degree. This assumption does not apply to courses in English, as enrollment for these courses is double that of courses offered in Chinese.

(9) Another necessary but not necessary requirement is a letter of consent from the faculty of the Chinese university you wish to apply to. Some universities want an applicant portfolio, and some universities don’t require a portfolio, but having credentials is a good sign for you. If you are applying to a university with a limited number of places, try to get a written acceptance as well, you will be more in demand. If you are applying to top colleges/universities, try to get an acceptance letter, you will be in higher demand. Start emailing teachers in October to receive a letter. Find a lecturer profile related to your job in the university of your choice and send them an email and don’t copy other people’s emails, make it your own.

Tips: How to find a faculty at the desired university? Go to and enter the name of the university, for example Zhejiang University College of Biochemistry or Natural Sciences. You will see a list of teachers. Email the professor if they don’t respond, don’t start bombarding them with emails because they might be busy or not need new students.

(10) Another important, but not necessary condition is the pre-registration letter from the future university. This letter has been sent by the university that you are wanted as a student. However, this is not easy unless you have studied at that university and are known for your merits. Although, the advantage of doing so is that it increases your chances of getting that college degree. If you don’t have one, you can be assign to another priority university (during the application process you have the option to choose three universities of your choice) or in the worst case scenario, you will be sent to any university of their choice.

(11) Other documents: If you have research papers or other variants, please attach them.

(12) If a certain Chinese university requires application confirmation or application process fee, please send it. Moreover, Print his receipt and attach it to the two documents above

Note: It is recommend to choose a reliable courier service to deliver your CSC certificate forms directly to the address of the relevant Chinese university for timely delivery.

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