Political polarisation

Political polarisation takes its toll on superior courts

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Political polarisation

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Courts face a battle of ideas in a political system characterized by increasing political polarization.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has preferred Lahore High Court (LHC) over Islamabad High Court for assistance in political and sensitive matters.

Many petitions have been filed in the Lahore High Court against the decision of the present government. Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Amir Bhatti constituted a larger bench to hear these petitions.

Lahore High Court Judge Jawad Hassan will also hear the petition of PTI, in which the concerned authorities were directed to announce the date of general elections in Punjab.

On the other hand, the government under the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (N) is not satisfied with the banking structure and the focus of the affairs.

Ever since Justice Athar Minullah was appointed to the Supreme Court, PTI supporters have criticized IHC Chief Justice Aamir Farooq for not empowering party leaders on civil rights issues.

Similarly, PTI chief Imran Khan is also angry about hiding the details of his daughter in the hearing.

The war of opinion is going on in the Supreme Court. The bench is always curious about any high profile Supreme Court case.

The Supreme Court is currently divided on ideological lines, as the PTI is happy with one bench while the other bench is in the good book of the PML-N and its supporters.

A similar scenario was seen in the case of the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, where the Muslim League-N and its allies boycotted the proceedings of the Supreme Court while they refused to form a full bench for the hearing of the case.

However, it should be seen that when the Supreme Court issues an order in favor of a political party, its opponents start a campaign against the judges.

The federal government will not challenge the Supreme Court of Pakistan on any issue. Representatives of the federal government – the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Pakistan – supported the appointment of junior judges in the Supreme Court.

He also noted that the government has insisted on judicial discretion regarding the appointment of AGP Shahbaz Elahi.

Senior lawyers are of the opinion that it is impossible to postpone the elections without the approval of the Supreme Court. The PTI leadership hopes that the Supreme Court will not allow them to postpone the elections.

Experienced lawyers believe that courts, of any institution, should be consistent in their approach to civil liberties cases.

They emphasized that the courts should always strengthen parliamentary supremacy in resolving political disputes through coercion.

He said that in this way political leaders should also show maturity and should not go to court for political reasons. They also believe that everyone should sit together to reach consensus on public issues.

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